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Unify, understand and unleash your customer data with single view of customer

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Build Your Business Ecosystems with Business Super App

A new approach to all-in-one customer journey experience and engagement with your all-encompassing business ecosystem.

  • Customer Data Platform: Organizing customer profiles & data across a variety of touchpoints into a unified single customer view database.
  • Community Management: Being engaged with your customers everywhere and anytime by providing seamless customer experience journey.
  • Loyalty and Rewards: Create exclusivity with customers and strengthen brand loyalty

Nurture Your Customers with Seamless Sales Lead Automation

Shorten the time-to-customer by 70% with automated lead distribution and sales force performance tracking

  • Lead Automation: Deliver seamless engagement across channels with a 360° view of the customer. Unify sales and marketing teams to deliver customer delight.
  • Sales Management: Improve selling effectiveness by streamlining your sales process. Automate your time-consuming tasks, and spend your valuable time selling and close more sales.
  • Sales Tracking: Streamlining all sales operations and analysis into a clear-cut sales process. We help you to use this data and convert it into insightful, useful, and actionable business reports.

Broaden Customer Outreach with Digital Brand Marketing

A well-crafted branding fosters relationships with users and helping you in generating new leads and sales

  • Brand Awareness: We help you in expanding your brand awareness and building on that strong foundation that foster your customer relationship
  • Lead Generation: We help in sharpen your Lead Generation Strategies, Increase Your Conversion Ratios & Improve ROI
  • Digital Campaign Management: We help you manage, integrate and deliver your digital content across every digital channel.

Turning your customer data into better insights.

Measuring Your Sales
Team Progress

Full visibility of your sales team performance by tracking their sales activities effectively in real-time regardless working remotely and at any time of the day.

Analysing Your Customer
Behaviors and Patterns

Analytics built with business intelligence & machine learning enables you to understand & identify recurring patterns in customer behaviour dynamics.

Making Informed
Decisions with Insights

Be the first to know the underlying trends in the market drives the business growth as you can quickly act upon in the company’s best interests and adapt to this fast-changing environments.

Make Your Data Smarter.
Understand Your Customers Better.

We collect and enrich your real-time data into individual, centralized customer profiles.

Unified Profile

Unified customer profile with holistic view of your end-to-end customer journey


Effectively targeting your customers based on different segmentations with customer preferences, interests and profiles.


Personalizing the contents and experience to the customers for better customer satisfaction.


Engage and connect with your customers on any channel they want to interact with you

Data Consolidation

We consolidate your customer data from all marketing channels and sales touchpoints, into a unified customer profile view.


Churning out the insightful analysis of customer and their experience throughout the customer journey

Integrations. Discover even more possibilities.

We connect 30+ integrations that make your customer data seamlessly flow to our platform, to keep your customers close and relevant.


FusionQB has been for years to help businesses to increase sales conversion and improved customer experience, with customer data analytics and predictive engine.


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Customer Data
managed in the platform

Business Industries that We Serve

Our dedicated team of experts serve various industries & sectors ensuring personalized processes and targeted customer experiences.

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With real-time consolidation of customer data from our CDP, our customers can truly understand their customers better with our platform.

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